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Machine's modernization

Our engineers have the knowledge and competitions for the modernization of CNC machines – lathes, shaping machines, milling machines, treatment centers and special machines. The modernization includes especially the exchange of used and less efficient drives and CNC control systems for new elements with higher precision and dynamics, better software functionality and easier use.

The experience gained during conversion works over technological transport lines und assembly lines in the automotive industry allows us to offer this kind of services also in other industry branches. Activating modern conveyors, lifts, feeders and manipulators offers the future users of these systems bigger efficiency, universality and lower exploitation costs.  

We offer our customers the activation of treatment centers based on Sinumerik CNC control, equipped with tools stores, tools’ measurement with automatic correction and adjustment based on the treated detail.

Production automation

The projects in the field of CNC control, that we had executed until now, offered our customers a higher level of production automation, bigger efficiency and better quality of the produced elements and had influence on the production’s organization. Those projects have been perceived by our customers as strategic and improving the company’s profitability on the market.

Line for the automatic cut of chipboards to a demanded size – the Simotion software has been used; it has synchronized the drivers’ work, that moves the saws cutting the chipboards to a demanded size and without material losses.

Automation of the transfer of cylinder blocks and gearboxes between lines – the Gantry robots have been used; they allow a precise positioning of the given detail in the shaping machine and a software, that controls the Rexroth drives with modules for work in a wireless net.

Modernization of the line for washing machines’ covers - installation of the Gudel’s portal for metal sheets transfer between presses, acceleration of the line.

Construction of a body production line – using the Gudel’s components and 120 Bosch Rexroth servo drives allowed the transfer of the body’s elements with a speed of 15 pieces per minute.


Nowadays the machines require very often a constant cooperation with the operator. Thereby there is the need of taking the risk for operators into consideration and its preventing by applying safety systems. Our solutions give the possibility of using safety systems integrated with the offered drives (made by e.g. Siemens, Bosch Rexroth), or systems based on the components such manufacturers as Pilz or SICK.

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