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Integration and service

The company Blumenbecker Engineering Polska offers its clients innovative solutions in the field of automatic systems integration, machines and production lines control.  

Long standing experience and the knowledge of modern technological solutions used in the today’s industrial plants allows us an optimal conception and technology selection to live up to the high clients’ expectations.

We implement professional audits of the existing automatic systems and modernize old and inefficient control systems. Within the scope of our services is the work optimization of both single machines and big, complicated production lines.

We assure the devices’ maintenance during the warranty time as well as after it.

The assignment of an service agreement ensures the user of a constant and quick reaction by our service people and prompt access to spare parts.

We offer also interventional service without the need of an long-term agreement assignment.

Mr Grzegorz Kraśniewski
Sales Director
T: +48 32 278 70 80

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