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Integration of automatic systems

Blumenbecker Engineering Polska as an integrator of automatic systems offers its clients the delivery of complete automatic systems, from designing of machines, production lines, technological processes up to building these devices with connected subsystems (power supply, equipment for control and measurements, visual systems, control systems, communication, drives assembly).

We offer our time, skills and techniques needed to restructure independent and not cooperating devices into one, coherent automatic system.

The engineers of Blumenbecker are seen as specialists in preparation and introduction of not only simple automatic systems but also difficult and untypical projects on a large scale with complicated technical requirements.

We are focused on satisfying the clients’ needs and our competences and qualifications reach far beyond the issues connected with automatics.

We often support the technologists in preparation of optimal automatic systems projects that are designed to fit the future user’s needs and financial possibilities.

In the integration field we carry out following work:

  • preparation of systems’ projects in automatics and robotics,
  • design and building of devices,
  • design and assemblage of control cabinets,
  • design and assemblage of power supply and control cables,
  • completing, assembling and delivery of machines and devices,
  • installation and start-up of automatic systems,
  • modernization of existing machines and devices,  
  • service and training courses.
Mr Grzegorz Kraśniewski
Sales Director
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