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IT systems for production support

Blumenbecker offers wide range of IT solutions for industry. Group of experienced programmers create, develop and commission MES-class solutions, supervisor systems based on Wonderware technology as well as proprietary products assisting with production process.

Support of other teams and Blumenbecker Group politics let us to deliver complex solutions integrating different production areas.

What we offer our customers is:

  • Delivery of small, modularized systems instead of big and expensive “universal” system.
  • Adjustment to every customer and specific case.
  • Short time and lower costs of commission.
  • Easy handling, extension and service of customer’s systems.
  • Integration of existing customer’s systems.
  • Web interfaces to access system functions with any PC.
  • Efficient data exchange interfaces with ERP systems.
  • Handling different types of PLC and production machines.
  • Using identification technology like RFID.
  • Solutions for mobile devices.
  • Implementations on base of Wonderware Platform-ArchestrA/InTouch.
Mr Grzegorz Kraśniewski
Sales Director
T: +48 32 278 70 80

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