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Wonderware solutions

Blumenbecker as Wonderware partner offers implementations of supervisor systems based on known and proven solutions of Wonderware System Platform and InTouch, with full adjustment to customer needs.

Such solutions supports standardization as well as creating common base for production systems in customer factory, which can be easily and gradually extended with new elements.

Supervisor systems as well as MES-class systems can be developed basing on prepared, proven integration platforms. Common products base allows for easy interconnection, configuration and centralized management.


Relying on Wonderware System Platform Blumenbecker is able to offer even very complex solutions, exceeding standard components delivered by platform. This could be possible thanks to experienced, certified programmers and use of  ArchestrA Object Toolkit technology – programmable access to Wonderware system’s features, which allows for components extensions and creating new ones.

Mr Grzegorz Kraśniewski
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