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Robot stations force out less flexible and slower vibration transport systems, pneumatic transport and other types of specialized transport. Well tailored components of a robot station not only speed up production but also provide major savings and widen the production capacity.

The application developed by Blumenbecker Engineering Polska is designed to sort several types of products randomly placed on a conveyor belt into appropriate compartments at an outlet station. In the first phase the vision system identifies predefined types of products. Selected characteristic features have been saved in the system as model photos of particular products, which are then compared with real-time image from the camera. An information about an identified type of product and its location on the conveyor is sent to a robot which collects the product from the conveyor and places it according to a previously programmed pattern (rotation, moving of successive elements, etc.) into appropriate compartments at the outlet position.

An advantage of this solution is the ability to configure the entire application in a way to satisfy the user’s needs in 100 percent. The system can be programmed so that changes in production type, product type and the method of sorting/placing down are completely parameterized through a computer. This doesn’t require any intervention by integrator if changes need to be introduced. 







List of offered benefits from the application of a robot station:

  • Saving space in a production hall.
  • Optimization of the production line operation (acceleration).
  • Quality and standard improvement of manufactured products.
  • Production flexibility improvement – quick adjustment to manufactured product range.
  • Hygiene maintenance and reduction of any contaminations.
  • Reduction of work, tools and service costs.

The solution is modular, when the quantity of manufactured products, and thereby the operational speed of line changes, it is possible to have several or even more than ten robots cooperating. They can work in different configurations:

  • each robot chooses a specific product and puts it down to a designated place,
  • the first robot picks most of the products while the other robots pick what is left,
  • the picking is evenly divided among all robots,
  • the first robot assembles products into packets and the next ones pick whole packets.


 The system’s features and the features of the robot itself make it perfect to apply on production fast sorting lines, packing lines and for putting down products from the line. ABB FlexPicker can boast not only with an incredible work speed and movement precision. It can also work in environments that require keeping of high cleanness norms. One of the customers of these solutions is the food industry, where robots can be used for packing chocolates, chocolate bars, cookies into cardboards, further the pharmaceutical industry where high cleanness norms are already standard. The robots’ service conditions like uncomplicated, service procedures and short inspection times stresses additionally the attractiveness of this solution. This very appreciated feature helps to avoid longer production break-downs.

Possibility of different configurations and cooperation with other devices.

Packing chocolates into blisters

Packing in film (Flow Wrapper)

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