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‘Pick and Place’ applications are currently used in many branches from food to electronic industry. Due to faster production and wider range of goods the meaning of transporting systems is getting more and more significant. Robot stations force out less flexible and slower vibration transport systems, pneumatic transport and other specialized transport. Well tailored solutions not only speed up production but also provide major savings and widen the production capability. Changes in a robot station generally concern only software, what saves time and reduces expensive mechanical modifications.

Aiming for flexibility and reliability a vision system has been coupled with a conveyor and a robot. This solution allows the identification and localisation of elements which are continuously being carried without stopping the conveyor. It’s a very fast and practical solution.

The modular structure enables the assembly of even several robots on one conveyor. In this configuration every robot can pick a different type of elements, or every robot picks elements which have been left by the previous one. It’s also possible to stop a conveyor if a product moves out of a robot performance area. it is possible to expand the visual system in the software application with advanced functions.

They check physical parameters such as dimension, shape or presence of any component parts, or read product data from bar codes and overprints.

Profits from using this application:

  • Speeding up production by improving packaging and segregation.
  • Iimprovement in reliability.
  • Robots can work 24/7.
  • Improvement in production flexibilit.
  • Robot reprogramming enables fast assortment changes.
  • Limiting the space needed for transport.
  • Possibility to use only one conveyor for several products.
  • Quality improvement.
  • Elimination of mistakes which can occur when working manually, detecting faulty products by the vision system.
  • Production hygiene improvement.
  • In case of using robots in food industry.

Pick&Place application with a fast SCARA robot - using areas:

  • Sorting products.
  • Packing into boxes, joined cardboards, transporters.
  • Assortment quality control.
  • Easy assembly tasks, product completing.


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